Ply Van Racking Storage

Ply Van Racking Storage


When it comes to Van Storage, Ply Van Racking is the #1 choice in the Shropshire area. We use only the best Ply Van Racking products and combine that with 20 years of experience as carpentry and joinery. 

We want you to love your van and are honoured you’d consider us to help improve it. 

We treat all of our customers like family which means you’re always getting the best results!

Ply Van Racking Storage

When you are looking for the most suitable van racking storage, you will no doubt be overwhelmed with all of the options. 

There are Pinterest boards that are dedicated to cool variations of ply van racking storage and innovative builds. 

Ultimately the best option is what works best for you and your business in the long term. 

Ply lining by Ply Van Racking
Ply VS Metal

When it comes to van racking ideas, the starting point is always going to be ply vs. metal. And really this is a personal choice. 

But more often than not, ply is going to be the best option. 

The cost of ply van racking can be half or more than that of metal. 

It has a medium-strength with is perfect for almost every single van requirement. And it is robust enough to take a knock or two. 

So when it comes to value for money, plywood is a great option.

Ideas for van racking: Plumbers

With a vast array of consumables, it is prudent to have a professional racking system fitted. 

Vales, tapes, washers, soler traps will all need to be kept neat so that they are in each reaches no matter what the job is. 

Having a range of drawers, shelves, and other storage will keep all of the smaller consumables safe.

Ideas for van racking: Electricians

When you consider how long it can take to find the right fuse, it makes van racking storage and an even more exciting idea. 

You can have wire dispensers fitted with different wire thicknesses, as well as individual boxes to store smaller fittings.

Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters

Kitting your van with a professional racking system gives the customer a positive image of you and your work, but more importantly, the right van racking storage system will also make your job easier. 

Whether it’s having your screws sorted and your screwdrivers available at all times, or making sure your power tools are kept safe when they aren’t being used, you’ll find everything you need to equip your van is easily stored away, and it will be a joy to work in. Not to mention, you can create space for a workbench.

There are, of course, many other trades and vans that can do with a fully fitted ply van racking storage system. 

Every business from mobile dog-groomers and locksmiths to painter and decorators will benefit from the use of a system that keeps tools and essentials in good order. 

General Benefits

There is a lot of talk about the time it saves you by having a ply van racking system. But it’s not just time-saving, it saves a lot of space. 

Which means you are free to downsize your van, or carry more equipment (up to the legal weight limit) with your, and are less likely to need to go back and forth to pick up equipment. 


There is a range of extras that you can opt to have. 

Non-slip mats, shelf dividers, sorting bins, drawers, and hidden storage. 

Getting specialist storage for caulking guns, paperwork, gloves, and hook and spring clip space. 

There is such a vast range of options that it helps to work with a professional to get precisely what you want. 

Call now to discuss the best solution for you.

Jennifer Mckeown

The whole team were amazing from my initial enquiry right until the end! I needed my locksmith van racked to fit my stock, key machine & storage boxes. Charlie measured up inside & fully understood what I needed (even thought I kept changing my mind, this was no hassle for them!) Then designed a great bespoke unit for the key machine & the racking itself is beautiful! The whole teams customer service was faultless. I’ll be back when I get a bigger van in the future!I highly recommend using these guys, you won’t be disappointed!

Tom Martin

Highly highly recommended! They did an absolutely incredible job and were so helpful from start to finish. The quality of the workmanship is incredibly high and the bespoke solution they came up with has improved the efficiency of my van immensely.

Edwina Lowe

I would recommend Ply Van Racking to everyone! I am so happy with my van transformation, Ben and the whole team were great to deal with from start to finish. The quality of work is fantastic and I now have so much more useable space.

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