3 Standard Shelf, Tall and Wide Racking for H2,L2+ Vans

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Measurement Information

The overall dimensions of PVRRA104.1: 

*The depth shown is of the side panels, they are designed to be scribed to the wall of your van so actual depth may vary. 

  • Top Shelf: 
  • Clearance between Top and Middle Shelf: 
  • Middle Shelf: 
  • Clearance between Middle and Bottom Shelf: 
  • Bottom Shelf: 
  • Clearance Below Bottom Shelf: 
  • Wheel Box Clearance



Sometimes the most straightforward option is the best and that is often the case with our straight shelving van racking. Our customers like the versatility of this racking, it provides a storage solution that is adaptable to many different items. By utilising the verticality of the van, you can clear that much needed floor space. It’s the perfect addition to any van. 

This taller version of our straight shelf racking utilises the advantages of a H2 van. It has a central support panel to improve the rigidity of the racking. And the extra long shelf on top is perfect for spirit levels or other larger length objects. 

This product is designed with the shelves decreasing in depth as you go up the unit. This is due to the curvature of the van walls which is common among many van models. 

This product has straight sides, and it is designed to be scribed to the van wall upon installation.


 Important Information and Terms

  • Due to the differences in shape between van models and ply lining styles, cutting may be required to achieve the perfect fit. 
  • Due to the nature of plywood being a natural based product, the visual aspect of the grain may vary in colour or style. 
  • Do not overload racking with heavy items. 
  • Please ensure that the product you are purchasing is viable for your van prior to purchasing, if unsure please contact us.
  • Any errors made by the customer resulting in additional ply lining or racking items being replaced will be charged at full price.  
  • Lead time may vary between 2 – 8 days. We strive to deliver as quickly as possible but please contact us should you require the racking within a specific time frame. 
  • Free fitting at our workshop is included with all orders. However, cancellations within 48hrs of fitting slot will be charged at 25%. Collection only will remain free of charge.
  • Our products are designed to be secured to the metal framework of the van using self-tapping screws. 
  • Some items are not available for shipping but are available for free fitting at our workshop. 
  • Shipped products will arrive flat packed for self-assembly. Fixings are not included.
Delivery Details

Delivery Details

Flat pack


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