3 Tier Interchangeable with Large Base Shelf, Connecting Variant

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Measurement Information

The overall dimensions of PVRRA111: (1000mm Wide, 1200mm Height, 543mm* Depth). 

*The depth shown is of the side panels, they are designed to be scribed to the wall of your van so actual depth may vary. 


  • 4th (Top) Shelf: (976mm Wide, 195mm Deep)
  • Clearance between 4th (Top) and 3rd Shelf: 155mm
  • 3rd Shelf: (976mm Wide, 246mm Deep, Maximum Height 227mm)
  • Clearance between 3rd and 2nd Shelf: 155mm
  • 2nd Shelf: (976mm Wide, 246mm Deep, Maximum Height 227mm)
  • Clearance between 2nd and 1st (Bottom) Shelf: 215mm
  • 1st (Bottom) Shelf: (976mm Wide, 459mm Deep, Maximum Height 227mm)
  • Clearance Below 1st (Bottom) Shelf: 270mm
  • Wheel Box Clearance 350mm

3 Tier Interchangeable with Large Base Shelf, Connecting Variant

3 Tier Interchangeable with Large Base Shelf, Connecting Variant

Find yourself with a mountain of boxes of different screws and fixings? Then our removable divider racking can get you organised in no time. Having dividers allows you to separate and organise all the small items you need, so you’ll spend less time searching for them. And making those dividers removable creates adaptability should you need to move things around. The extra large base shelf offers an area for any larger items that you are unable to fit onto the divider shelves so this racking really has everything. 

This product is designed with the top shelf to have a shorter depth than the three below it. This is due to the curvature of the van walls which is common among many vans’ models. 

This product has straight sides, and it is designed to be scribed to the van wall upon installation.

Important Information and Terms

  • Due to the differences in shape between van models and ply lining styles, cutting may be required to achieve the perfect fit. 
  • Due to the nature of plywood being a natural based product, the visual aspect of the grain may vary in colour or style. 
  • Do not overload racking with heavy items. 
  • Please ensure that the product you are purchasing is viable for your van prior to purchasing, if unsure please contact us.
  • Any errors made by the customer resulting in additional ply lining or racking items being replaced will be charged at full price.  
  • Lead time may vary between 2 – 8 days. We strive to deliver as quickly as possible but please contact us should you require the racking within a specific time frame. 
  • Free fitting at our workshop is included with all orders. However, cancellations within 48hrs of fitting slot will be charged at 25%. Collection only will remain free of charge.
  • Our products are designed to be secured to the metal framework of the van using self-tapping screws. 
  • Some items are not available for shipping but are available for free fitting at our workshop. 

Shipped products will arrive flat packed for self-assembly. Fixings are not

Delivery Details

Delivery Details

Flat Pack - this product will not be shaped - if you would like this product shaped to your van, please book in for fitting or alternatively ask a local carpenter


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