Roof Racks

In our experience, van users face a variety of challenges when it comes to transporting materials to and from a job site.

Logistically, sheet materials, pipes and other bulky items can cause headaches – either they don’t fit in a back of the van or you have to juggle things around to make room for them.

The problem is they can move around and cause damage if they are not fixed properly before hitting the road.

The roof racks we make are of the highest quality, so solving this problem is not a problem. With a roof rack, you can transport equipment and materials securely and safely to your job without taking up valuable interior space.

Our roof racks are among the best available in the UK, helping you to solve your storage and transporting problems.

Our Product Range
Land Rover
Premium Quality Rhino Products Roof Racks

Rhino Products offer roof racks to fit the most popular brands and models of trade vans.

A Rhino Product is made of high quality, heavy-duty materials to ensure it can handle whatever the situation calls for.

The units are available with optional rear rollers, as well as matching ladders, pipe carriers and accessories for the rear doors.

Why Choose Ply Van Racking?

We’re passionate about what we do, and want to bring that level of energy and creativity to the people who need it most. When someone requires their vehicle to be fit with ply van lining, we’re the ones who know how to find the right solution, fit it exactly, and leave your home proud of the work we’ve done. 

We offer excellent service, a quality finish, and a real longevity to whatever project we’re working on. Whether it’s transit custom racking or a standard ply van lining job, our customers can always rest easy knowing every project is finished to the same standard of completion. 

And we’ve always held some very near and dear key values. We will never compromise on quality, even if the time and money are no longer there to provide for such a finish. We know what it means to leave a worksite with a job half done, and we never want to put our customers through that kind of worry.

As a UK-based company, we are passionate about showing you a quality product. Our products are usually in stock and available for next-day delivery or same-day pickup by appointment, so you can start using them quickly after purchase. 

For customers who want to buy in bulk, we offer a discount for fleets and trades.

You can call our friendly team if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for within our range. We’ll find the right product for you.