Ply Van Racking

Ply Van Racking

Ply van racking transforms the storage space of a van into a highly organised workstation with the use of shelves, racks, and other integrated storage solutions. Many tradespeople find themselves dealing with the chaos of tools, paint cans, and bulky equipment freely moving in the back of their van. This often leads to valuable time wasted searching for specific items like a lump hammer or fine sanding paper upon arrival at a job site.


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Implementing ply van racking can significantly reduce time spent on locating tools and managing load-ins and outs, which directly translates into monetary savings. The efficiency gained allows for more time to be dedicated to the job at hand, potentially enabling extra assignments to be taken on during the week or adding an additional hour to each day’s work.

Items in the van’s cargo area can easily move around, get damaged, or wear out. This doesn’t just harm the tools, but also the inside of the van. If items aren’t properly secured, they can cause damage and make the van wear out faster, which is something you’d want to avoid.

Incorporating a ply bed is essential to mitigate noise, and adding ply lining offers a solid foundation for securing racking. This not only protects your tools and the van but also ensures a safer and more efficient working environment.

Bespoke Ply Racking

Your plywood van racking system will be tailored specifically to you and the nature of your work.

Every trade professional, whether a builder, carpenter, electrician, or plumber, has their unique approach and preferred set of tools for completing tasks. This personal preference influences the selection of tools and equipment stored in the cargo area.

Consequently, each plywood van racking setup is custom-designed and installed to suit your specific workflow. For instance, if there’s a particular set of hammers or tools you often use first, these will be positioned for quick and easy access. Tools with extra-long handles can be conveniently stored in a custom-built false floor. The possibilities for customization are extensive, ensuring your van works as hard as you do.


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Ply Racking Tools

The range and type of tools you use will determine the complexity and extent of your ply van racking system. For instance, if your equipment mainly consists of smaller hand tools, optimising wall rack space will be a priority to ensure everything is easily accessible.

On the other hand, if you’re carrying long-handled gardening tools, frames, doors, and similar items, you’ll need to plan for more comprehensive storage solutions to accommodate these larger pieces.

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Ply Racking Upgrades

A plywood van racking system stands out from many other options available because it’s designed to grow with your needs. You can enhance your setup by adding drawers and shelves as needed, and even expand with extra sliding doors and roof racks.

This flexibility ensures your van evolves with your business, always ready for the next upgrade.

If you are looking to make your van more efficient, get in touch to explore how we can expand and improve your van racking system today.

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